About Us

We are the family of God

We are all about the family of God. From the beginning, God wants to demonstrate His love through building the family. One of the ways we can express our love for Him is through our love for people. We help each person who comes to Grace, grow in the word and the knowledge of the Lord, and build a close relationship with the Lord and people.

It begins with our vision to see people believe in Jesus Christ, saved from sins through His finished work of the cross, received the power and anointing through the Holy Spirit, equipped through the word of God and serving the Almighty God. This is the continuous process throughout our lives through weekend services, house meetings, communion services, selfless friendship, godly fellowship and fervent prayers with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Your place at Grace Fellowship

The church is a place where people get connected with other people, growing in faith, and building a strong foundation for the body of Christ. We are a small and little flock, Jesus is being our chief shepherd. Our leaders and members are waiting to get to know you!